The use of Air After Coolers are essential for any blasting operation to allow for economical and trouble free blasting. The after coolers cool the compressed air with atmospheric air. The air is cooled to approximately 10'C above ambient temperature. This causes the water vapour in the compressed air to condense. This is the only way it can be removed by the included separator . The after coolers can be delivered with electric (240v or 414v) or pneumatic fan motors. Standard the coolers are delivered with separate steel plate legs on which the cooling block needs to be mounted. Optionally the after coolers can be delivered on " low legs" or in a heavy duty transport frame with wheels or forklift slots.

Furthermore the separator can be executed with an automatic drain. Also compressed air filters can be added to reach an even higher quality of compressed air.

As you can see, we can supply different styles of Aftercoolers and Air Prep's