Blastmate Units come in content sizes of 18,40,60,100 & 200lt. They can be supplied as our EXC model (shown on right) which has a PU12 media valve or can be supplied with a Thompson Media valve. This unit depressurises when the deadman is disengaged. This unit is used under silos or in a Dust Free Unit where it reloads when you stop blasting.

The ECO unit (shown on the left)is a under pressure system that also uses a Thompson Media Valve and as with all our machines you can specify what options and accessories you wish fitted. Some of these are: pressure reg., moisture filter, sieve, lid, helmet filter on machine, water pump on machine, 3rd man signal, vibrator, maint. valve, dual outlets for 2 blasters. We can also fit on combination frames with a air aftercooler or be supplied in a Continuous System with 2 pots joined for continuous operation where they switchover automatically.