The Microstrip Units come in 40, 60, & 100lt sizes. They are the best unit available for sodablasting and all fine media, the control over media flow is done by way of differential pressure which is very precise. The standard equipment supplied is a pneumatic vibrator on the cone, sieve and lid, pneumatic on/off switch for charging the pot and discharging, Series 2 Thompson Media Valve with a multiport sleeve, Pressure regulator and Moisture/air filter. You can also upgrade with a microsieve, pneumatic 3rd man signal for media on/off for blow/wash down, pneumatic water pump for wet blasting using tank water. The hose packages can be wet or dry and either standard or water induction nozzles are available and they can be sized to your compressor output (cfm).

We can also set these units up for Multimedia ( soda & abrasive) use which makes them ideal for onsite work where you can do the lot with the one unit. We have sold these units for 20yrs and found them to be low maintenance and reliable with excellent economy of media use. As with all blasting we strongly recommend the use of a Air Aftercooler to avoid moisture problems allowing for trouble free operation.