The MiniPro was designed for workshops that have access to a good air supply. It is available with either a 3.2mm or a 4.8mm tungsten carbide blast nozzle, which requires 26cfm and 60cfm respectively. It is a pressure hold system and is charged and discharged by simply flicking the pneumatic switch. It comes standard with a 8mt hose package and pistol grip nozzle holder with a pneumatic deadman trigger. The pot contains 18lts and it is easy to move around, has gauges, pressure regulator and control box containing all the pneumatics etc. There is a tungsten carbide water induction nozzle for wet blasting available and also we have an attachment for use with soda.

These are a great investment for a low use business that just needs certain things blasted when they want and to get at parts that are time consuming to do manually.

You can add a vacuum blast head for dust free blasting or a water induction nozzle for vapour blasting