Subsea blasting is a safe way for surface preparation below water. Compared to onshore blasting, subsea blasting requires much higher system pressures (because of ambient underwater pressures). In HP systems these high pressures create safety issues and heavy working conditions for the diver. With extremely low nozzle pressure of just 2 to 6 bar, Gritco's Subsea Series provide much safer and comfortable working conditions.

Powerful Benefits include:

Ultimate diver safety caused by low blasting pressures and uninterrupted, 2 way diver-to-crew communication because of silent underwater operation.

No retro jets because of low minimal pressures (unlike high pressure water systems).

Light and easy, one hand nozzle handling.

Production output usually doubles that of HP systems

Design and production are based upon decades of knowledge and experience.

Better blasting value - Different surface finishes can be obtained with simple pressure control varying from marine growth removal to bare metal finish.

Exceeds SA2.5 standard for repainting

Wide range of models and full back up possibility

Blasting depth possibilities range from 50mt (standard series) to 200mt (special series)  Click on link to show how it works